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Shartruce: My new Addition!

Shatruce is a female Tiny betta fish (female)  That I got today. I think she carries marble genes.

I will update when I find out.

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The fish quiz!

A. do betta fish fight each other?
1 yes
2 no

B. are betta fish egg layers? Or are they livebearers?
1 egglayers
2 livebearers
3 other

C. who takes care of the eggs?
1 male
2 female

Answers coming soon!
Stay tuned!!

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Betta Times

here I post upcoming posts or blogs by me.

coming soon:


The fish Quiz! how much do you really know about your fish?

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Beware! Sicknesses and cures.

Fin rot:  a bettas fins would look raggy and maybe black around the edges. Cure:I suggest putting Methelene  Blue in the tank. read the back of it to find out the correct dose.  I did it with Enti, he was cured in about 3 weeks. It may not work fast, but it works with quality.

Ick: little white spots all over body, clenched fins too  Cure:  Maricide is what I use, it will kill the free swimming ick as well as the ick on the fish. Dose on the back.

Velvet: shine a light at your fish, notice if its gold? that’s Velvet! Cure: Maricide is for most fungal infections.

Dropsy: raised scales, bloated belly this is because of kidney failure. Cure: I’m sorry fish fans, this has no cure your fish will slowly die.


Hi betta lovers! this is for kids!

Hello, and welcome to sophieandbettas! This is a kid friendly blog, but adults can use it too! If you need to find out about betta fish, this is the place for you!

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